The Right Ingredients

CartHop 12-6 (4)

Hey there! You’ve stumbled onto the newest part of our project’s digital reach, also known as our blog. You might be here because you’ve enjoyed the CartHop experience before, or maybe you stopped by because you’re still curious about what this whole food truck thing is about. Either way, we’re here to save the day (well, at least lunch time). Here you’ll find fairly consistent updates on where we’re at with the project, including events, trucks and other developments, and we’ll even throw in some interesting links, articles, and photos that’ll help you get connected with the outside world of food trucks. You’ll be a foodie in no time.

Lets kick this thing off by looking into the world of food trucks, and lets do it through these great things called “statistics”. The infographic below gives good insight on what people think of the movement, considerations businesses have to take when starting a food truck, and how food trucks affect and are affected by businesses around them.

food truck infographic

So as you can see, food trucks are beginning to develop a new “face”, and this image seems to be here to stay. Although the CartHop movement in Fresno is following in the footsteps of bigger cities in California, we’re innovators in the Central Valley and are catching up to the big guys quickly. In fact, connecting with established food events in Sacramento has helped immensely as they occasionally give us fantastic insight to help us work through the beginnings of our own food journey. We couldn’t do this without the people that support us.

That’s what CartHop is all about: Community, with a capital C. Its a big deal to us, and we want it to be a big deal to you. Community leads to culture, culture creates cool atmospheres, and throughout history food has been the outlet that fosters all three. We firmly believe that Fresno has all the ingredients (both literally and figuratively) to be a vibrant city, but it requires us to take part and be proud of what we have to offer the world. You might ask yourself, “But what’s so special about Fresno, what do we possibly have to offer?” Well, we think we’ve found the answer: food, and lots of it.

See you soon,

H Steele
CartHop Project Coordinator